For Users: OPEN AI gives you access to the best algorithms to meet your specific needs.

It seems everyone in digital pathology is doing the same thing. They are all writing their own algorithms for the same functions. When you buy their systems, you are forced to use THEIR algorithms. But what if some of their algorithms aren’t the best? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the best algorithms regardless of who created it? That’s what Open AI offers. Singularity.AI’s Open AI platform allows top computer scientists and researchers to build the best algorithms and deploy them in one place so that everyone can use the best one for their specific needs. Now you don’t have to be stuck with what one company has to offer.


  • Algorithm plug-ins can be used to analyze both WSI and FOV images
  • Easily change and swap out algorithms for new ones Platform supports EmPathTM Smart Camera as well as most Whole Slide Scanners

For Developers: Fast and easy way to put your algorithms into work and benefit from it!

Singularity.AI’s Open AI is a secure and open cloud computing platform that enables fast integration of YOUR algorithms into existing interpretation workflow of microscopic imaging.


  • API based: Fast and easy implementation
  • SaaS model: profit sharing
  • HIPAA Compliance: safe and secure
  • AWS Cloud based: reliable and scalable