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We deliver accurate results and enhanced insights with thorough QA, full transparency and high throughput, at low cost.
Our services across translational research, preclinical studies, and clinical trials for oncology and multiple diseases, include

Our Platform

Gain 100% real-time process and project visibility, from project onboarding to ongoing pathologist review to project completion.

Track progress, review notes, and share and examine slides while the project is progressing. We provide our customers access to our cloud platform through an online login.

The platform also supports interactive communication virtually over large and complex pathology image and biomedical data, lag free. It streamlines data curation, annotation, algorithm training, validation, and implementation world-wide.

It connects us with you to make sure we help to achieve your goal.

Our Technology

AI and Human Experts augment each other, without compromising regulatory compliance and result fidelity.

Our technology and algorithms allow us to increase analytic insights, operate on-demand, and scale volume flexibly, without jeopardizing the fidelity of results. Your assays will still be performed and QAed by a team of human experts, not by AI alone.

Our AI is developed through data and in collaboration with dozens of tier 1 leading academic medical centers. We validate our deep-learning and neural net derived models, and all of our algorithms are thoroughly tested before deployment.

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