Unlocking visual collaboration gaining AI-driven insights
for medical innovation

EFFECTIVE collaboration tools with SECURE data sharing options making innovation ACCESSIBLE

A purpose-built image collaboration and analysis platform

A purpose-built image collaboration and analysis platform

SingularityAI offers a user-friendly and scalable platform to securely share and analyze images, collaborate, and access approachable innovation, such as AI, that empowers you to gain insights that can improve outcomes.

Collaborate across institutions, disciplines, and borders. Apply AI and other latest technologies to connect data silos and gain insights from your images and data.

Making collaboration effective, secure, and accessible to accelerate and democratize medical innovation.

It all starts with an image

Purpose-built for complex images

Our platform is purpose-built to make sharing and interactive analysis of large and complex scientific and medical images easy, accurate and lag-free.

Collaboration starts with sharing. Generic video conference tools struggle to deliver consistent video and audio quality, let alone handle gigabyte-sized, high-resolution images coupled with complex information. With our platform, remote users see exactly what you see so that you can discuss your shared findings, or they can explore important details by themselves, without interfering with you or other collaborators. You can interactively discuss, annotate, and interpret with confidence. All without sending original files or giving up anybody’s desktop control.

Putting innovation within reach

Reducing barriers to accelerate and democratize innovation

Is your data in a silo and not realizing its full potential due to data privacy and ownership concerns? Are you not using the latest tools available to get the most from your data due to limits of budget, time, or talent? Do you need external data and talent to accelerate your innovation?

If so, SingularityAI is here to help. We apply a federated learning framework that enables you to choose what you securely share with whom while providing access to AI and other collaborative innovation tools. We’ve leveled the field so that you can securely access the tools and community you need to accomplish more.

Empowering clinicians and scientists