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To build an interactive, secure, and open collaboration platform that seamlessly applies AI and other latest technologies to extract insights from images and data to accelerate and democratize medical innovation.

We know the needs

Healthcare and life science professionals recognize collaboration across institutions and disciplines has become essential to deliver medical innovations to benefit patients. They know that emerging technologies may help. Pressed for time and resources, they need solutions that are plug and play, effective, and not disruptive or compromising data privacy and ownership.

How we may help

Singularity.AI integrates AI and other advanced technologies to an easily approachable format that empowers healthcare and life science professionals to collaborate effectively and securely, and leverage technologies to accomplish more.

What sets us apart

We believe that medical innovations should be accessible to the majority. So we provide solutions that are:

Intuitive and Simple. We package all advanced technologies into an easily understandable layout, lowering barriers to adoption.

Scalable and Flexible. Singularity.AI offers a unique Hardware-Enabled SaaS Subscription model that is scalable and flexible to the pace needed. We offer solutions that are compatible with existing devices and usage, meeting physicians and scientists where they are and bridges to the future.

Where we are now

The company’s initial products include an AI-enabled, cloud collaboration platform offering EFFECTIVE collaboration tools with SECURE data sharing options making innovation ACCESSIBLE. The company also offers Patharity Smart Camera, the very first AI on the Edge microscopic camera, which takes microscopic imaging, data analysis and workflow integration to the next level.

What the future holds

With Singularity.AI, physicians and scientists have a partner to understand their current needs as well as opportunities that emerging technologies will afford them in the future.





Singularity.AI provides end-to-end integrated solutions to optimize the workflow of physicians’ in specialties that are resource-constrained. To address the needs of higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the company is dedicated to introduce innovative technologies compatible with the physician’s workflow, keeping them at the center of healthcare.

The company’s first product, EmPath Smart Camera™, is an AI-powered smart camera that plugs into the physician’s existing microscope to automate routine tasks and allow pathologists to focus on high-value aspects of their work.

With Singularity.AI, physicians have a partner to deliver innovative technologies with better solutions to make their work FLOW.



SINGULARITY.AI is a venture backed Medtech company. The company was founded in 2018 with the mission to deliver integrated workflow automation that allow physicians to maintain control while advancing patient care.

The company has its headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA and office in Beijing, China.