Get More From Your Tried-and-True Microscope

Maximize throughput and efficiency with Patharity, a simple but powerful smart camera, that easily integrates digital innovation and AI into your current workflow

Try Patharity on Your Scope

All for less than $5K, get a 12 MP AI-enabled camera and software package that supports data analysis, whole-slide imaging, auto-z-stacking, and more. So that you can

  • Work directly from your microscope, and avoid a costly, time-consuming scanner
  • Acquire high-quality images for consults, conferences, research and teaching
  • Test and even build capable AI models with or without the cloud


Lab Directors

Clinical lab directors choose Patharity because:

  • Value: The Patharity camera can turn your existing microscope into an efficient, AI—enabled workhorse without need for motorized stages or additional software or server.
  • Flexibility: WiFi or wired display options with any device for brightfield, darkfield and fluorescence imaging, zero footprint with no software to install
  • Future-proof: Use only what you need to adopt AI at your own pace


Pathologists choose Patharity to:

  • Real-time, one-click Ki-67 counts
  • Work ergonomically and save time with auto-focus and auto z-stacking
  • Digitize partial or whole slides without the cost of a new scanner
  • Collaborate in real time and improve remote teaching
  • Photograph thick tissue or cytology specimen


Researchers and educators leverage Patharity to:

  • Automate image acquisition and use AI-enabled image analysis to accelerate discovery
  • Interactively communicate and collaborate in the lab, classroom and remote settings
  • Expose students to the power of AI-enabled quantitative image analysis with a simple AI implementation
Stream the video below and let us know if you’re interested in setting up a personalized 30-minute demo to discuss your needs.
approachable innovation

Approachable Innovation

Innovation without disruption means you don’t need to upend your workflow to adopt this simple but powerful upgrade. Patharity is designed to integrate with your current tools and processes – not to replace them.

approachable innovation

Intelligent Capabilities

Use what you need – from simple to cutting-edge, Patharity provides easy access to features like WSI on-microscope and real-time AI image analysis without complex stand-alone software or equipment.

approachable innovation

Absolute Efficiency

One-click autofocusing, WSI, auto z-stacking, automated stitching, and cloud-based sharing with Patharity offer you the means to automate common tasks and accelerate workflows to maximum efficiency.